2017 Big Love Festival in Middlebury

The Big Love Network is proud to announce that our 4th annual Big Love Festival will take place on April 1, 2017 from 10 am to 10 pm at The Well CDC. Big Love Festival is a transformational placemaking festival for & by the people of Akron, aimed at highlighting artists, healing practitioners, organizations, musicians, & small businesses, all while fostering leadership & authentic collaboration as we seek to build agape & compassion.

Bounce Beyond, this year’s theme, envisions an Akron that uses what it has to heal itself. What does it mean to be in a Post-Industrial, Post-Modern, midwest city? How do we learn to support & heal our city with what we have? How do we find sustainability beyond outside foundations & federal grants? How do we build a city of refuge?

Big Love Festival allows for deeper connections to ourselves & to one another as we explore through art installations, music, healing arts, workshops, panel board discussions, & community! We invite you to join us on April 1!

Would you like to get involved in the Big Love Festival through volunteering, being a marketplace vendor, or musician? Email us: bigloveakron@gmail.com

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