Individuals flourish when they find their voice. Neighborhood Network is a group of people who love Middlebury and University Park. We work to be a unified voice to advocate for the neighborhood.

Communities thrive when people look out for one another. We believe block watches are the life and breath of our communities. Look for the one closest to you!

Faith communities are vital to a flourishing community. Check out the wide variety of faith communities the Middlebury and University Park footprints have to offer.

Flourishing individuals eat, and thriving communities have places to hang out with friends, family, and co-workers. Explore all the restaurants our communities have for your edible enjoyment.


Thriving communities have places for people to live life together. Wells are places in a community where people naturally connect. Learn where our neighborhoods are.

Home owners can be some of the most passionate people in a community. We want to create a platform for people who own there house to connect and build relationships within Middlebury.

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