Looking for a job? Not only do we want to help you find a job, we want to help you keep the job and turn it into a career. It takes two steps to get connected to career training programs and one-on-one help to get you on a path toward the career that you want. 


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The career training program works with community members to remove barriers to employment so that individuals have access to living wage jobs that turn into careers. We believe that community partnerships, relationship-building, and mental health are the foundation to successful training programs. The Middlebury Workforce Coalition is a group of over 25 community partners and employers who exist to facilitate the monthly career training program and drive the strategy for long-term impact.


Culinary Cohort
March 1st – March 31st
TWThF @ 9:30am – 12:30pm
Orientation 2/21 @ 11:30am

Summa Health – Customer Service
April 5th – April 29th
TWThF @ 10am – 1pm
Orientation March 28 @ 11:00am

Summa Health – All Positions
May 3rd – May 27th
TWThF @ 10am – 1pm
Orientation April 25 @ 11:00am

June 7th – July 1
TWThF @ 9:30am-1pm
Orientation May 30 @ 11:00am

Summa Health – All Positions
July 5th – July 29th
Time: TBD
Orientation June 27 @ 11:00am

August 1st – August 26th
Time: TBD
Orientation July 25 @ 11:00am

September 5th – September 30th
TWThF @ 9:30am-1pm
Orientation August 29th @ 11:00am

Summa Health – All Positions
October 3rd – Ocotber 28th
TWThF @ 10am – 1pm
Orientation September 26 @ 11:00am

October 31st – November 23rd
TWThF @ 9am – 12pm
Orientation October 24 @ 11:00am

November 28th – December 22nd
TWThF @ 10am – 1pm
Orientation November 21 @ 11:30am

“I was so discouraged before starting this program. It really feels good to know that there are people who really care about if we are successful or not.” – SA

“I’m just happy that I can do all that I need to do in one place. Meeting with each of these places to prepare my resume, or learn about budgeting would have wasted too much time and gas that I can’t afford.” – JH

“I’ve never worked at a place that cared so much about my wellbeing and making sure that I keep my job. I’m just grateful that your program sent me to them.”(on the career training program and Summa Health Systems) – MH

The Well CDC invests in people
through the built environment.

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