Akron Food Works


Our mission is to bolster regional economic competitiveness by advocating, connecting, inspiring, and mobilizing. We recognize the value of engaging a diverse set of local and regional stakeholders, collaborating across sectors to strengthen opportunities for healthy economic development.

1. Food Business Incubation: While there are business incubators in Akron focusing on the technology industry: Small Business Development Center, BOUNCE Innovation Hub and GAINS, there is no business incubator to-date focused on food businesses.

2. Part-time Kitchen Space: Part of incubating food businesses is providing certified commercial kitchen space for less than 40 hrs/wk, while the businesses are in their early growing stages.

3. Connecting Local Retailers: Reaching customers is the most crucial aspect of a food business (after having a good product). In addition to the network of The Well staff, we will compound our efforts with the consulting experience of CCLK.

4. Funding: A stumbling block for all new businesses is capital. Through partnerships with ASIA, Inc. Micro-Loan Program and private lenders, kitchen users have ready access to a funding source up to $25,000.

Akron Food Works

The Process

The kitchen is rented in as small as 2-hour increments and available 24/7. To operate as a business out of our kitchen, you will need to complete the following:

1. Attend an Info Session

2. Complete User Application In-person OR Online

3. Intake Meeting with Kitchen Manager

4. Scheduling Production

5. Food Business Incubation (Optional)

*Level 1 ServSafe and Business Insurance required

Akron Food Works

Pricing Structure

For more information on pricing, contact Nick@thewellakron.com