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The Well CDC strives to do everything we can to serve our wonderful community. The importance of a decent income in 2018 cannot be understated, economic power is essential in the quest for any substantial transformation. Below you will find any available employment opportunities through The Well CDC or any of our partners.

Compass Coffee

Barista Position

Responsible for creating memorable cafe experiences for each person that comes into Compass Coffee by connecting through our beverages, serving them well, and directing them through community engagement to the best of your ability. Able to work well as a team player and has some coffee knowledge (preferred, not required). Gets excited about seeing communities thrive and being apart of a valuable community piece.

Please email or stop into Compass Coffee (647 E. Market Street, Akron, Ohio 44304; Backside of the building) for an application.

When you shop here, you help us serve your community.

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