Middlebury Neighborhood Plan

About This Plan

The Middlebury Neighborhood Plan is complete! This document will help to guide priorities, initiatives and investments in Middlebury moving forward. It was brought about by the vision of countless community stakeholders and supported by a grant from the Huntington Akron Foundation.

Middlebury Neighborhood Plan

Why This Plan

In partnership with MKSK, the neighborhood plan looked at the state of Middlebury and developed strategic recommendations for neighborhood enhancement and improvements. Under the leadership of The Well, MKSK collaborated with the City of Akron Planning and Urban Development Department.

Middlebury Neighborhood Plan


This was a collaborative process involving neighborhood leaders, businesses, institutional, city and other stakeholders. The community was engaged through focus group style meetings and community events.

Middlebury Neighborhood Plan

Project Goals & Objectives

• Create a culture of cross-sector collaborative planning
• Improved vision for common community assets
• Provide a platform for economic development over the next 5-10 years
• Create a blueprint for both immediate and long-term improvement

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